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        1. You need not to go with me unless you are free now.
        2. He promised to come and see us after the supper.
        3. The teacher is busy preparing for his lesson.
        4. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park.
        5. OliverTwist,the hero of the story, he was an orphan.
        6. Do you know our team leader we call him Big Wang?
        7. He told me that how important it is to learn English.
        8. She asked me if I had found out my new pen.
        9. I didn’t hear you.Please repeat the sentence again.
        10. We must study hard in order to serve for the people better in the future.
        11. Don’t let the children who are so young to go swimming.
        12. Do you know what do these words mean?
        13. In fact,they are planning to visit China in next week.
        14. I have three letters to be answer this afternoon.
        15. Having been ill for a long time,so she fell behind her classmates.
        16. What a terrible weather we’ve been having!
        17. A hundred of people attended the meeting last night.
        18. “You’ll be late for school unless you will get up at five.”said mother.
        19. I’ve heard him but I never know him.
        20. From what I have seen and heard,I must say Chinese people are living happily.
        21. Would you bought the dictionary if you had had more money yesterday?
        22. I shall lend the novel to who comes first.
        23. Would you be kind as to turn off the TV set?
        24. Do you know anything about the accident happened in the willage yesterday?
        25. My father has two brothers and three of them are all Party members.
        26. American English has changed the centuries.
        27. The recorder needs be repaired before it can be used.
        28. The book which bought for me by my father cost a lot of money.
        29. You must do everything you can help others.
        30. The old man asked a policeman, “Could you show me how get to the post office?”
        31. The teacher found a cup broken and tried to find who had broken it.
        32. Jack regretted not go to the meeting last week.
        33. China is larger than any country in Asia.
        34. The composition is well written except a few spelling mistakes.
        35. She married the man because what he had done for her.
        36. Thanks the teacher’s help,I have made great progress in my English study.
        37. I have the same idea as his.
        38. Everyone of us is working hard in this factory.
        39. I have caught the bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it.
        40. This is the steel plant where we visited last week.
        41. Following the road and you will find the store.
        42. This is all what Dr.Smith said at the meeting.
        43. Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about
        the problem.
        44. Why don’t you ask anybody else to help you?
        45. The pen is missing ,for we can’t find it everywhere.
        46. Sorry,I have no such a book.
        47. The two languages are not at all the same in neither spelling or grammer.
        48. Can’t you remember tell me that the other day?
        49. He had changed so much that I could hardly know him.
        50. I knew from Joan that Mary had fallen ill.
        51. Would you please speak something about your family?
        52. The discovery is great importance in science.
        53. The experiment was much more easier than we had expected.
        54. The writing of the report spent me two evenings.
        55. If I had time,I shall see the new film.
        56. It took place in France, an European country.
        57. That is known to all,Taiwan belongs to China.
        58. “Do you ming getting me some water?” “Certainly don’t.”
        59. Was it him who telephoned yesterday?
        60. He is by far the clever student in our class.
        61. I came here especially to ask you for advice.
        62. I don’t doubt whether I’m able to finish the work on time.
        63. The little girl hurried home with the remained money.
        64. Speak slowly and try to make yourself understand.
        65. The population of Zheng zhou is fewer than that of Beijing.
        66. He is so a great man that we all show our respect to him.
        67. As technology develop, more and more people use the Internet to communicate
        with each other.
        68. Each boy and each girl were given a chance to compete in the game.
        69. When he was in the twenties, he went to America for his further study.
        70. Mary mustn’t be in the library , for she went to the hospital with her mother just now.
        71. The teacher repeated his question again,but I couldn’t answer it.
        72. His grandpa died three years before.
        73. The doctors did all what they could to save the soldier.
        74. Great changes have been taken place in my hometown in the past ten years.
        75. Austria, an European country , is famous for its music.
        76. The flowers in the field smell sweetly.
        77. When he was a child, he was used to walk his grandpa’s dog in the woods nearby.
        78. I’ll let you know more about the trip as soon as I will work out the plan.
        79. When I was in trouble, he was always the first offer help.
        80. You are sure to have a wonderful time in the party.
        81. The museun was built in the memory of the famous artist.
        82. Only in this way you be able to solve the problem.
        83. What will happen if you don’t have balanced diet.
        84. Have you heard the news which the price of gas will rise?
        85. It' a pity that the man standing over there is heavy in debt.
        86. I think it is wrong for you to stare at others.
        87. We’ll remember the year2008 when saw the great success of the Olympics.
        88. Hardly had he sat down than the film began.
        89. Seeing from the spaceship,the earth is a huge water globe.
        90. This medical team is made up of five men doctors and ten woman nurses.
        91. The story of his success was so inspired that we were all determined to work harder to achieve our goals.
        92. Once publishing , the book will become a best seller.
        93. Although he failed again, he would not lose his heart.
        94. He knows almost everything about that village because he brought up there.
        95. When the teacher came in , she found two of the windows breaking.
        96. We’ll never forget the days when we spend on the beach.
        97. Our teachers always tell us to believe in which we do and who we are if we want to succeed.
        98. It mustn’t have rained just now , for the ground is dry.
        99. The little boy is too young to dress him, so his mother has to help him every day.
        100. The new school is now three times as bigger as the old one.
        101. In a rainy night, he came back home alone.
        102. The traffic accident was happened at the corner of the streets.
        103. Many years before, there was a beautiful river around the village.
        104. The girl became very frightening at the sudden noise.
        105. This is the tallest building which I have ever seen.
        106. It’s very cold outside.You’d better to put on more clothes.
        107. It is necessary of you to work hard at English.
        108. She did all what she could to help him.
        109. He made so rapid progress that he was praised by all.
        110. It’s reported that it is 100 years since Qinghua University were founded.
        111. I’m sorry.I know only a few English.
        112. As the result, they saved 90% of the trees in the forest.
        113. She plays piano every day.
        114. When his best friend left him ,he felt alone.
        115. His father has never been to Europe.He hasn’t been there, too.
        116. If you will study hard, you will pass the exam.
        117. I’ll send my best friend Jane help you.
        118. When my cousin joins in the Navy,I can use his room.
        119. His story inspired to me to join in activities.
        120. They are very active but make many new friends.


        1.去掉to 2. 去掉the supper中的the 3. 去掉for 4. 去掉and 5. 去掉he 6. 去掉him 7. 去掉that 8. 去掉out 9. 去掉again 10. 去掉for 11.去掉to 12. 去掉do 13. 去掉in 14. 去掉be 15. 去掉so 16. 去掉a 17. 去掉of 18. 去掉第二個will 19.hear后加上of 20.say后加上the 21.you后加上have 22.to后加上anyone 23.be后加上so 24.accident后加上that/which 25. and后加上the 26.changed后加上over 27.needs后加上to 28.which后加上was 29.can后加上to 30.how后加上to 31.find后加上out 32.go—going 33.any—any other 34.except—except for 35.because—because of 36.Thanks—Thanks to 37.his—he  38.Everyone—Every one 39.caught—had  40.where—that/which 41.Following—Follow 42.what—that43.which—that 44.anybody—somebody 45.everywhere—anywhere 46.把a去掉 47.neither—either 48.tell—telling 49.know—recognize 50.knew—learn/hear 51.speak—say 52.is—is of  53.more去掉 54.spent—took 55.shall—would 56.an—a 57.That—As 58.don’t—not 59.him—he 60clever—cleverest61.especially—specially 62.whether—that 63.remained—remaining 64.understand—understood 65.fewer—smaller 66.so—such 67.develop—develops 68.were—was 69.in the twenties—in his twenties 70.mustn’t—can’t 71.去掉again 72.before—ago 73.what—that 74. 去掉been 75.an—a 76.sweetly—sweet 77. 去掉was --used to78. 去掉第二個will 79.the first后加上to 80.in—at 81.in the memory of –in memory of 82.you前加上will 83.have后加上a 84.which—that85.heavy—heavily 86.for—of 87.when—which 88.than—when 89.Seeing—Seen 90.woman—women 91.inspired—inspiring 92.publishing—published 93.去掉his 94.brought前加上was 95.breaking—broken 96.when—that/which 97.which—what 98.mustn’t—can’t99.him—himself 100.bigger—big 101.In—On 102.去掉was 103.before—ago 104.frightening—frightened 105.which—that 106.去掉to 107.of—for 108.what—that/去掉all 109.so—such 110.were—was 111.few—little 112.把第一個the改為a 113.plays后加上the 114.alone—lonely 115.too—either 116.去掉第一個will 117.help前加上to 118.去掉in 119.去掉第一個to 120.but—and

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