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        112. 我每天花許多時間學習數學。

        I spend a lot of time in studying math every day.

        113. 他堅持努力學習,結果他取得了很大進步。

        He keeps studying hard, as a result, he has made great progress.

        114. 我看見他講英語仿佛他是一個美國人。

        I see him speak English as if he is an American.

        115. 只要你堅持努力學習,你會取得很大進步的。

        As long as you keep studying English hard, you will make great progress.


        I will go on studying hard as usual.

        117. 只要你繼續努力學習,你會趕上別人的。

        As long as you keep on studying hard, you will catch up with others.

        118. 我們老師叫我們把這些句子翻譯成英語。

        Our teacher told us to change these sentences into English.

        119. 我們僅有很少的時間了,以至于我們不得不日夜學習。

        We have only so little time that we have to study day and night.

        120. 即使我們很累,我們也必須堅持努力學習。

        We have to keep studying hard even if we are tired.

        121. 自從我來這所學校以來,我就堅持努力學習。

        I have kept studying ever since I came to this school.

        122. 你們最好面對面地練習講英語。

        You had better practice speaking English face to face.

        123. 首先,我們應該盡我們最大的努力去記住盡可能多的單詞。

        First of all, we should do our best to remember words as much as possible.

        124. 從今以后我會在英語上花大量時間的。

        I will spend a lot of time on English from now on.

        125. 從那以后我不再害怕黑暗了。

        I wasnot afraid of the dark any more from then on.

        126. 你最好把它取下來。

        You had better get it down.

        127. 我們從周一到周五上課。

        We have classes from Monday to Friday.


        My teacher often spends a lot of time helping me with my English.

        129. 實際上,我告訴過他怎樣給別人發電子郵件。

        In fact, I told him how to send emails to others.


        In order to make my dream come true, I have to keep studying hard.

        131. 我期待取得好成績。

        I look forward to getting good grades.

        132. 我經常花許多時間在詞典查單詞。

        I often spend lots of time in looking up words in the dictionary.

        133. 是該下定決心努力學習的時候了。

        It’s time to make up our mind to study hard.

        134. 多或少就一個小時的練習。

        It’s an hour’s practice, more or less.

        135. 今晚直到我完成作業才上床睡覺。

        I will not go to bed until I finish doing my homework tonight.

        136. 你為什么不按時交作業?

        Why don’t you hand in your homework on time?

        137. 我過去通過收音機學習英語。

        I used to study English on the radio.

        138. 請你再說一遍好嗎?

        Would you please say it once again?

        139. 再聽一遍怎么樣?

        How about listening once more?

        140. 我們應該為考試做好準備。

        We ought to get ready for the test.


        Our teacher told us to pay attention to the blackboard in class.

        142. 我很高興你能指出我的錯誤。

        I am glad that you can point out my mistake.

        143. 老師叫我們記下重要的東西。

        The teacher told us to put down something important.

        144. 到目前為止,我已堅持學習英語10年了。

        I have kept studying English for ten years so far.

        145. 只要我們堅持講英語,我們會講好英語的。

        So long as we keep speaking English, we will speak English well.

        146. 這數學題很難,幾乎沒有學生能做出來。

        The math problem was so hard that few students could work it out.


        The harder you study, the better you will learn.


        The other day, I was busy getting ready for the test.


        Why not think about asking the teacher for help?


        I usually start to study as soon as I wake up.


        The teacher asked us to turn over and look through the next page.

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