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        五、閱讀理解(10 分)

        (A )
        A small man goes to the cinema. He buys a ticket and goes in. But after two or three minutes he comes out. He buys a second ticket and goes in again. After a few minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket. Two or three minutes after that he comes out a third time and asks for another ticket. But the girl says to him, “Why are you buying all these? Are you meeting friends in the cinema all the time?”“No, I'm not doing that.” the small man says, “But a big woman always stops me at the door and tears(撕掉) my tickets up.”

        ( ) 1. The small man goes to the cinema to .
        A. see a film B. watch TV C. meet his friends D. have a rest
        ( ) 2. The small man a ticket.
        A. takes B. buys C. brings D tears
        ( ) 3. After a few minutes the small man again and buys a third ticket.
        A. gets B. tears up. C. comes out D goes in
        ( ) 4. “No, I'm not doing that.” Means(意思是) .
        A. He isn't seeing a film B. He isn't meeting his friend
        C. He wants to buy the tickets for the big woman D. the big woman doesn't let him in
        ( ) 5. From the story we can guess(猜) .
        A. the small man is the first time to go to a cinema.
        B. the big woman at the door doesn't like him.
        C. the small man is afraid of the big woman.
        D. the small man doesn't want the big woman to tear his ticket up.

        ( B )

        閱讀短文,判斷正誤。正確的寫 “T” ,錯誤的寫 “F”

        It is Sunday morning. Mr Brown and his son, Bill, are in a big shopping mall. Mr Brown wants to buy a new dress for Mrs. Brown. Bill likes oranges. So his father buys two kilos of oranges for him ,too. There are many things and many people in the mall. There are men and women , old and young. They all want to buy something there. The people in the mall are friendly. They will be glad to help you find what you are looking for.

        ( ) 1. Mr Brown and Bill are in a big shopping mall on Saturday morning.
        ( ) 2. Mrs Brown wants to buy a new dress for Mr Brown.
        ( ) 3. Bill likes oranges. So his father buys him 2 kilos of oranges.
        ( ) 4. There are a lot of things and many people in the mall.
        ( ) 5. The people in the mall are old and friendly.

        六、交際用語 , 到方框中選出正確的選項填入下面的對話(5 分)

        A.  Can I try it on?
        B.  Which size do you need?
        C.  It's 200 yuan.
        D.  I'll take it.
        E.  What can I do for you?
        A: Good morning, sir.  1  
        B: I want a pair of shoes.
        A.  2  
        B: Size 42.
        A: What about this pair?
        B:  3  
        A: Yes, sir.
        B: Well, I think it's fine. How much is it?
        A:  4    
        B: That's reasonable (合理的).  5  

        七、 書面表達(10 分)

        根據下面的文字提示寫一篇介紹南通的文章,不少于 50 。

        1. 地理位置:靠長江,靠大海。
        2. 名勝:狼山 ( Wolf Hill )。
        3. 商業:許多商店,物品豐富。4.人民:友好,樂于助人

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