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        1. The boys and girls often play _____ football in _____ afternoon.
           A. /; an B. the; an C. /; the D. a; the
        2. Every year many foreigners _____ to China to learn Chinese.
           A. have come B. comes C. came D. come
        3. --What's this _____ English?
           --It's an English-Chinese dictionary.
           A. at B. in C. on D. of
        4. --Well, let's go to visit the amusement park this Saturday.
           --That _____ great.
           A. feels B. looks C. sounds D. tastes
        5. I'm better _____ remembering telephone numbers than you.
           A. in B. on C. at D. with
        6. My mother _____ noodles, but my father ________.
           A. likes; doesn't B. don't like; do C. likes; didn't D. didn't like
        7. He _____ every Sunday volunteering in an old man's home.
           A. spends B. gives C. uses D. takes
        8. -- Who's your English teacher?
           -- Miss Gao. She teaches _____ English very well.
           A. our B. us C. ours D. we
        9. --What do you _____ your hometown? -- I love it very much.
           A. look at B. talk about C. think of D. think over
        10. --Do you like sports?
           --Sure, I'm looking forward to _____ Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
           A. watched B. watches C. watch D. watching
        11. I usually go to school _______ bike, but sometimes I go to school _____ foot.
           A. with; on B. on; by C. on; with D. by; on
        12. He asked me for _____ paper, but I didn't have _____ .
           A. some; some B. any; some C. some; any D. any; any
        13. --Would you like coffee or tea?
           --Coffee, please. By the way, do you have any milk? I like coffee _____ milk.
           A. for B. or C. with D. without
        14. --Tomorrow is _____ . Will you buy some mooncakes, Mum?
           --OK. I'll get some after work.
           A. Teachers' Day B. Women's Day C. Spring Festival D. the Mid-Autumn Festival
        15. --Can you tell me _____ English at home?
           --Listen to the English programme and read more.
           A. how to read B. how to learn C. when to use D. where to use

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